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Experiencing tight muscle and joint pain? Use the strongest topical pain reliever available without a prescription so that you can enjoy life without letting pain hold you back. No wasted product as application come straight from product (versus other products that you need to put on your hands and then apply). I love that this product, like others that you will find on this page, are Made in Canada.

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Discover non-hormonal birth control that is side effect free and learns your unique cycle patterns with tailored updates and insights.

Natural Cycles is THE first FDA cleared and CE marked birth control app that is 93% effective (that's right - just as effective as the pill).

Skip the pharmacy, no prescription needed.

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Restoring and maintaining healthy feet is actually quite simple! Just use your feet in alignment with how they were designed to be used (sounds easy enough, right?).

Our feet have adapted over millions of years to function best without footwear so anytime you can go barefoot (indoors, at work, in the gym) you should!

Obviously protecting our feet is important and needed but in recent years footwear has gone from something used for protection to something quite damaging. Narrow, pointed, stiff, even supportive and cushiony shoes that are now the norm are costing us our foot health.

The solution? Wear natural footwear and train your feet at


Hey you business savvy side hustlin' self employed entrepreneur! I see you!! Whether you're a dog walker, hair stylist, independent contractor, or health care provider, Square makes accepting payments quickly,
easily and securely with no monthly fees no matter your business size. No need for clients or customers to carry cash or cheques (does anyone do this anymore?!)

Square is available for in person and online use. Customers can pay with a contactless card or with Apple/Google pay. 

Click HERE to receive your first $1000 for FREE in Square terminal processing fees (they are minimal!) and you can thank me later for transitioning your business into a more convenient and affordable way to do business!


Going with Farmway Foods was a no brainer for us. As someone that was once Vegetarian, and always picky with meat even as a kid, I can honestly say I've thoroughly enjoyed having Farmway as part of how we do groceries. 

They've had 30 years of supporting local, family run farms in Ontario (which is very important to me). Some of the other great things that I really valued about Farmway is their meat is naturally raised. Grass fed beef, free run chickens, and pasture raised pork with NO added hormones or antibiotic use. You can taste the difference! This was totally customizable to our families wants and needs. Meat has a 100% quality guarantee and is individually vacuum sealed so no more freezer burnt meat and less waste!

Oh! And they have a FREE freezer program! We put no money down upfront and our years worth of meat and dried good was delivered and setup in our home. No front porch deliver. We got the full service! So if you're ready to shop different, support local, and shop local, click HERE , ask for ROB, and be sure to use my name as your referral source to get your FREE box of chicken breasts! You won't be disappointed!


Hairstrong is THE BEST scrunchies for workouts. No more slipping, readjusting, damage or distractions. I absolutely LOVE this product and tell all my female clients who enjoy an active lifestyle about them. There is nothing worse than worrying about your hair falling out when you're going for a run or getting ready for a competition. They stay in place, you'll look great while you're at it, and don't damage your hair in the process. This product was made for women, by women, and like many of these other products, are Made in Canada! To enjoy FREE SHIPPING, go to


ATP source the highest quality and finest in purity to create supplements with integrity. So no matter what your nutrition, health, or performance goals, there’s a high quality, pharmaceutical grade, 3rd party tested ATP Lab product for you. These products have only the good stuff you want and none of the artificial and harmful substances you don't! At ATP Laboratories, they have put their 40 years of experience to work to develop, produce, and market natural health products that are pure, effective, and of the highest quality. To enjoy go to
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